7 Shopping Habits You Need to Break

So now that the title has caught your attention, let’s get down to business. When it comes to shopping, we’re all guilty of a few infractions now and then.  Ladies, you know what I’m talking about. There are times, (some more recent than others … yesterday? last week?) when we’re out just window shopping and somehow we end up buying stuff we don’t really need, or worse – we splurge a handsome bundle on something gorgeous that we know we can’t quite afford.

Since, I’m a bonafide member of shopaholics anonymous - I’ve been there (often), done that (much more than I care to admit!!!), I’m not going to be the one to cast the first stone. However, there’s a BIG difference between falling victim to these practices once in a (rare) while, and developing full-blown impulse shopping habits that can adversely impact your bank account and your sense of style (check your assets hanging in your wardrobe!)

For this week’s blog, I’ve put together a list of 7 shopping habits we may need to break for our own good.

1. Keeping Up With Instagram Stars and Style Bloggers

We all know and follow certain personalities on blogs, instagram, Youtube, Twitter etc that simply nail the look every time they’re photographed. Just because Eva Chen, Alexa Chung, Karlie Kloss, Gigi Hadid or Kendall Jenner wore Chanel or Celine—and totally rocked the look on some red carpet event—isn’t a great reason for US to go out and splurge on the same stuff. Let’s remember that some of these big street-fashion players, editors, and bloggers get SENT designer stuff for FREE to entice folks like us to go out and buy it. Others are just downright richer than us and so CAN afford to style themselves from top to toe in the latest designer clothes everyday, without scratching a dent into their finances. Their style is fun to admire (from afar), but not necessarily healthy to emulate on a daily basis.

2. Sacrificing Real-life Stuff For Fashion Stuff

As much as we adore fashion and shopping and take it very seriously (I know I do, I’m a fashion entrepreneur!!!), let’s be real: A Chanel Jumbo bag in lambskin (or caviar) leather, is definitely NOT more important than eating for a month, paying your child’s tuition, or your house mortgage. If you absolutely, cross-your-heart-and-hope-to-die, really, really, REALLY want that bag, then set aside a little every month UNTIL you can eventually buy it upfront and guilt-free (the best way!)

3. Buying Things That Are Not Relevant To Our Lifestyle

I’m all for pampering and giving ourselves a little (underline LITTLE) treat once in a while, with something beautiful (that we love) albeit somewhat impractical, but it’s a whole new ballgame if you constantly spend on items that don’t fit into your lifestyle. For example: As a nurse working at a hospital who cannot wear heels to work – EVER, You might want to rethink forking out cold hard cash on yet another pair of 4 inch Louboutins? Spend the most on what you live in most is probably the most logical option.

4. Don’t Wait-A-Day

shopping habits04.jpg

If it’s a big ticket item, (whatever that translates into for you, because everybody’s pocket size differs), WAIT A DAY, is good shopping advice because it will help you reduce regrets on your purchases. This concept of waiting is not restricted to pricey items expensive. Perhaps you may want to consider making it a habit, such that every time you’re shopping for something you love but don’t really need, put it back and wait a full 24 hours. If you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s a sign that it might be worth it and then you’ll have more peace of mind and satisfaction when you actually pay for it. Scientific research shows that people tend to FORGET about items that we ALMOST BOUGHT when we put a little time and distance between it and us, just saying.

5. Keep Buying The SAME  

This one is huge for me. A few years ago, I had an “aha” moment when I opened my wardrobe to almost 100% of BLACK clothes! Black jacket, black dresses, black skirts, black tops, black everything!! (And I’m a fashion person??) How did it get that way? Well, it didn’t happen overnight and it took an equally long time to deliberately undo as well! So here’s my question to you. Is your closet literally bursting with one type of item? Chock full of LBDs? Striped Tees?  White shirts? Denim everything? If so, you might want to well, STOP. Stop buying the same item when you’re out shopping and only keeping the ones you wear the most, because the fact is, the more you own, the less you wear.

6. You’re A Label SNOB

We’re all fashion lovers, and it is perfectly natural to gravitate towards aesthetically beautiful and well crafted merchandise. We aspire to elevate our style, we’re inspired by the artistic creations on fashion runways and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. As a former luxury fashion buyer and I can say with certainty that the amount of passion, effort and attention to detail the designers put into their creations each season is astounding. Most designer things ARE beautiful—BUT— if you’re buying an item BECAUSE of its label even though the item isn’t really YOU, then ….. (I know, I’m guilty too).  Next time you’re shopping, look at the item and decide if you REALLY love it, or you feel you’re SUPPOSED to love it because of the label.

7. You Succumb To Every Sale Email, Flash Sale Or Promotion

We’re in an age where we are fearful that we’ll lose out if we don’t “stay in the know”. Hence, we subscribe to email updates, collect loyalty points at malls and stores, and credit card companies never fail to inform us when they’re running their VIP/ Members Only/ Annual (fill in the adjectives) SALE events. While these sales information may be legitimate, and the discounts may indeed be fantastic, they can be pretty dangerous for someone with, shall we say less self control, when it comes to getting a good deal! Know thyself and know thy limits. If you’ve been eyeing that cute tote bag and today it pops up on your email that its going for 30% off, count your blessings and go for it by all means, BUT, if you were simply googling along, a cute dress that you’ve never laid eyes on pops up (usual price $800) now going for 50% off and you’re tempted to take out your credit card to cash the sale, you might want to STEP AWAY from the computer and revisit the item when your dopamine levels recede. Even if the cute dress is no longer there, you’ll be $400 wiser for walking away.

I know, I know. Today’s blog is quite contrary to what we should be promoting, since we are first and foremost a fashion business, but we like to keep it real, here at Butterflies&Marigolds because if you are reading this blog, we want us to be friends, and friends tell the truth, even if its tough. So now, it’s over to you. Which of these 7 Habits is the hardest to break for you? Let’s get savvy with our shopping, girlfriends! Have an awesome week and let’s break some habits together ;)