5 Outfits To Put Together When You Oversleep!

We’ve all been there! Your alarm rang and you snoozed it once, twice, and… and the next time you open your eyes, you have to be at the office in half an hour!! Or worse than that, you’ve got an important meeting/date waiting for you, and you’ve only got 15 minutes to dress and dash out of the house!

We have all been through this before (some more than others ;) ), and since I’ve been there, more than once or twice myself (ahem), here are my top 5 ways to dress up and still look fantastic, even if you oversleep…again…

1.   Sweater & Skirt Combo

Who has time to iron anything when you’ve only got 15 minutes to get out that front door? Sweaters are great because they hide wrinkles well (no ironing required), so if you grab one in a neutral colour, it’s relatively easy to pair it with a lady-like skirt. I like an interesting print, prints hide wrinkles much better than plain, and you’re good to go! Pleated skirts are also a good option because they add a difference in texture, but primarily because pleated skirts don’t require ironing too!

2 . Simple White Top And Denim Jeans

This OOTD is classic for a reason! It has stood the test of time and in our semi-slumber-but-in-a-rush-state, go for this fail proof outfit. It doesn’t really matter whether you’re wearing skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, simply match them with flats or sandals for a casual day out, or with heels or boots for a more formal look. Throw on a jacket and you’ll look as if you planned your outfit the night before!  

3. Your Favourite Dress + Your Favourite Shoes

Save this one for those occasions when you’ve got less than 10 minutes to get out of the house! Everybody has that fave dress. The one you always get compliments when you wear it! This is an idiot-proof outfit, as long as the colours match (for dress and shoe only), you’ve got a winning combination, and it’ll do wonders for your self confidence (which is very much needed for latecomers making their grand entrance ;)) I’m just hoping your favourite shoes are actually comfortable choices as you would probably have to pick up the pace to catch up on lost time ;) Otherwise, wedges or ballet flats would be a more sensible and practical choice for the moment!

4. Cropped Top and Culottes

Cropped tops are still pulling their weight since we last saw them in the 90s, and culottes are also increasingly popular for the last 2 seasons already. Matching these 2 fashion items in one outfit makes you look on-trend, even if you woke up late that morning! I love culottes because they are great for running around town. I especially love the longer (below the knee) versions as matching them with the crop tops give a classier vibe, than minis or shorts with crop tops. The latter might turn out too casual or sexy. Crop tops with culottes, are a more modern and practical option. Throw on a cool jacket and you’re good for the boardroom too!

5. Wear BLACK

If you only have 10 minutes and your brain is not yet awake, do what I do. Wear BLACK, (maybe for you it could be navy or brown or charcoal grey), but the idea is the same. Wear the one colour you are most familiar and confident in, from top to toe and you’ll be fine. I have an auto-pilot black top, black jeans, black cardigan (that I sometimes alternate with my black blazer). If my eyes are not yet awake, I put on a pair of sunglasses for added “coverage”, and I know I’ll be good for the day! Another good all-black combination is our trusted LBD with heels/boots/ballet flats, grab a statement necklace or that oversized pair of sunglasses and viola! Glamour under 15 minutes flat!

The thing is, we all oversleep from time to time (kudos to those who don’t!) but that doesn’t mean we have to show up at work looking washed out and sloppy. We can always learn to make do with what we have, and style ourselves better – if only out of politeness. Like Madame Coco Chanel said: ”You never know, maybe that’s the day you have a date with destiny. And it’s best to be as pretty as possible for destiny.”

Have an awesome week ahead friends and try not to oversleep :)