The Trouble with Comfortable Clothes

Have you fallen into the cosy trap of wearing comfy clothes? As modern women, we tackle a hundred things at a go and we’re expected to smile while we are at it! Our to-do list never ends. The minute one thing gets done, 10 other items are added to the list and everything seems to require our immediate attention. Our email inboxes are full of other people’s agendas screaming for our attention and by the time we get home, we just want to veg out in our comfy clothes.

There’s nothing intrinsically wrong with wearing comfy clothes.  My personal struggle with comfy clothes is that they tend bleed into my working wardrobe so easily, especially when life gets busy. We rationalize that nobody is really going to notice… or perhaps we think that we can hide a comfy knit dress under a structured jacket and “get away” with it at the office? The change begins subtly… we got away last week with that loose dress, maybe this week we can sneak in a tank top? Just wear it under a cardigan the whole day… nobody will know.

And so begins the slippery slope of sneaking comfy clothes into work attire. But herein lies the problem: you DO get seen, at one time or another, and I have to admit that I’ve been “caught” in my comfy clothes, and it’s been a cause for embarrassment for me more times than I’d like to admit. Even if you are a stay home mum, looking after young children, people do notice. They may not say anything per se, but they do notice, and their confidence in your abilities does get swayed. Let’s say you drove your child to her childcare centre and the teacher that greeted you at the gate has disheveled hair, running eyeliner, wearing a teeshirt with holes and skinny jeans with what smells and looks like vomit. Would you trust your child to her care?  Would you not wonder about her competence?  How we dress is a big part of our non-verbal communication to the world, declaring who we are is and how we are feeling.

Here are my 4 current favourite comfy AND stylish ideas :

1.     Maxi Skirt with a Fitted Top

Maxi skirts are great because it means you don’t have to shave your legs! They provide ease of movement while keeping you well-covered. Get one in a thicker knit material, with some stretch. It takes 5 minutes to put on and makes you look effortlessly chic the whole day!

2.     Wrap Dress

Ms Dianne Von Furstenburg created the wrap dress in the 1970s. This dress perfectly displays the feminine form and flatters every female shape. Get one (or 5!) in your favourite colour, I propose the silk jersey knits as they crease less and hence are great for work trips and travel.

3.     Cropped Top with High Waisted Pants

I’m not talking about harem trousers or the drop crotch styles. These are wide or straight leg trousers with a defined waistband. Get them in neutral colours and in a comfy jersey knit. Wear a fun crop top with a fresh pop of colour, add a pair of sneakers, wedges or ballet flats. Perfect for errands day.

4.     Culottes

I love culottes. They give the elegance of skirts and the comfort and ease of trousers. I prefer one in a longer (midi) length. It looks more tailored and chic, like a fun version of a pencil skirt, and the best part is it goes with everything!

So now, over to you. Do you have trouble with comfy clothes? Please tell me I’m not the only one! Share with us your favourite comfy clothes solution ;)