What to Wear to Face the World When You are Sick.

The truth is that some days, we have to show up for work even when we are not feeling well. Here are some helpful tips if you have to go out in public, even when you are sick, (and you don’t want the world to know you are sick), so you still want to look good:

1.     Assess yourself honestly in front of the mirror. If you are looking deathly pale, choose a cheerful and bright colour to wear close to your face. Picking a knit top or sweater in a cheerful colour will instantly perk up your look, even if you feel less than chirpy. Simply choosing a brighter lip colour can also work wonders for a sallow complexion and eye bags. Remember to line the upper lids and put on mascara. It will “open up” your eyes and make you look alert, even if your medication leaves you slightly drowsy. If you are flushed, feverish and looking red in the face, wear neutral tones with natural makeup. The key is to offset how your symptoms make you look.


2.     Wear comfortable clothes. You are uncomfortable enough as it is, there is no need to increase the stress by wearing something that doesn’t fit you well. I prefer to wear knits when I don’t feel well. If you know you will be running hot and cold, choose to wear layers. You can throw on a cardigan, a jacket or keep a wrap handy, so that you can put on or take off whenever you need to. If you are nursing a cough or a sore throat, I find it quite comforting to wrap the neck with a nice and colourful silk scarf.

3.     Bring a large tote bag. You can pack your medication, tissues, and the things you’ll need to make you feel better in your purse. I keep a bottle of water with me in my tote all the time and in fact when you’re under the weather it’s even more critical to drink lots of water.


4.     Wear accessories. Put on your favourite gold or silver necklaces or earrings. These will act as light reflectors (see my previous blog about must-have necklaces), and direct light to your face; giving you a glow on your face, similar to what the huge light reflectors do for models at professional photo shoots.


5.         Wear sunglasses. I don’t know about you, but when I’m feeling slightly under the weather, I get anti-social and prefer not to bump into any acquaintances. Wearing an oversized pair of sunglasses provides the perfect escape from the glare of the sun, and allows me to comfortably avoid all eye contact while travelling to and from work. Sunglasses provide stylish camouflage for me to do the needful and get around unsighted.

5.     Go home early! Do not circulate beyond the effects of your medication. Just do want you have to do and get home early to rest. There is no substitute for recovery better than rest.

All things said and done, of course adopting good living habits can help reduce our sick days, but will never totally eliminate them.  At least this way, when the sick bugs creep up on us, we can soldier on stylishly, adapt, overcome and get through the day!