The A-Z Wardrobe

Today’s post is different from the usual, because today I’m super excited to share some snippets from my first e-book, “The A-Z Wardrobe”. It’s my compilation of all the key items a woman needs to have in her wardrobe. Instead of being dictated by seasonal fashion trends, won’t it be great to have a wardrobe full of clothes that will speak your language and serve you well throughout countless seasons?

My friends, family and customers at Butterflies & Marigolds have always asked me questions about style; what goes with what, and why or what new item should they be buying this season? How can they update their wardrobe? Or the classic quote: “I have so many clothes in my wardrobe but I still have nothing to wear?” It got me thinking that actually, I could provide some answers that may bring clarity and benefits to many women, who for whatever reasons, may need some help in tweaking their wardrobe so that it becomes more relevant to their current lifestyle.

I must confess that never in my wildest dreams did I ever imagine that I would write a book! Becoming an author was not one of the boxes I ticked when the teachers in school asked me what I wanted to be when I grew up. Still, I wrote my thoughts and researched for interesting bits of history and added helpful tips because I felt that I have something to contribute.

My basis of writing was simple. Every single one of these items listed in the book, are tried and tested. They are what that worked either for myself, friends or clients. The flow is equally simple and easy to understand. “A” was a good place to start and “Z” was a great place to finish! Everyone’s “A-Z” is different, I mean someone may love animal print (A is for animal print), and so there’s lots of animal print in your wardrobe, but someone else may love denim (D is for denim), white shirts (W is for white shirts) and little black dresses (L is for little black dress), and so her wardrobe is filled with these. I’ve also included items that are timeless and super practical. I didn’t give lengthy explanations, but I did include some beautiful illustrations for the items I wrote about because style is after all a visual language.

I suggest that you read my book the way you read a menu. Then, it’s up to you how you like to place your order – whether as an individual meal, or a whole buffet. The book is meant to help you to identify the gaps in your wardrobe and if you choose to do something about the gaps, there are helpful shortcuts like “what to look for in an evening gown”, “how to buy jeans” etc. Short, to-the-point, helpful tips to facilitate practical shopping ;)

I firmly believe that style is about self expression and that style is a learnable skill.  One of the best starting place to hone this skill is a woman’s wardrobe. “The A-Z Wardrobe” is my version of a simple checklist of the must-have items in a smart woman’s wardrobe, so that you are empowered and inspired to own your style as you dress up everyday, and face your world feeling effortless chic.

Have an awesome week everyone!

To purchase a copy of The A-Z Wardrobe, click here.