How to Take a Good Selfie‏

Today’s blog is about taking a good selfie. In our social media world where dictionaries like Oxford and Webster’s have added “selfie” and “hashtag” as vocabulary, we might as well learn a few tips how to take a good selfie or wefie. Think of taking selfies as a fun way to show the world your confidence, personality and fashion sense. Even presidents and Academy Award winners are doing it, so why not jump on the bandwagon already and share some joy! Remember not to just point your camera at your face and take a shot without planning—there's some skill required to take interesting selfies that you and your friends will enjoy seeing in their feeds. Here’s 3 Quick Selfie Tips.

1.    It’s all about Angles.

Experiment with Angles. Do not take a selfie looking straight ahead and dead centre in the frame. It will turn out like a criminal mugshot! Try tilting your head to the left and right as you view yourself on your phone’s screen. For most of us, one side is more attractive than the other. Find your  “best side”. Showing that is generally more interesting than a straight-on shot. By the way, to completely remove any double chin in your photo, and to accentuate your jaw line, extend your neck forward.  This may feel funny, but it will dramatically improve how you look in the photo. If you are a selfie newbie, here’s a very specific selfie pose guide from Michele Phan, ( Youtube megastar cum selfie queen). She says: “Hold the camera up above your eye level, turn your face at a ¾ angle; this is the universal good selfie angle.” Try it! We have, and it really works ;)

2.    Always stand in the Light

Chose to stand in the light or in an area with beautiful lighting, eg near a window or outdoors where there is natural sunlight! Gorgeous lighting will always serve up a more flattering selfie. How will you know if the lighting looks good on your face? Hold the phone in front of your face and turn the camera, so you can see yourself. Look at the lighting at that moment. Now, turn 90 degrees. Make note of the lighting. Glance at the background. Turn 90 degrees again. Note the lighting and background. Keep turning until you’re back where you started. Chances are, you will have found a spot with excellent lighting and a decent background. By the way, according to some photography blogs, there is a “best time”  to take outdoor photos. Its called the magic hour! Actually, the magic hour is two hours—one hour after sunrise and one hour before sunset. If you can time your selfies then, well and good, otherwise keep on turning those 90 degrees till you find the best light for you.

3.    Be Creative

We know that selfies are somewhat narcissistic and selfish by nature and no matter how much our friends love us, there is a limit to how many times they want to see your angled head in a beautiful light! Make your selfies interesting by posing with something new eg: your best friend’s cat, your new sunglasses, a new hairstyle. Otherwise, do something interesting, like taking a photo in the frozen section of the loval supermarket, beach selfies, working-out-at-the-gym selfies, pina colada selfies … whatever tickles your fancy.

The ultimate tip for taking a great selfie is not to take yourself too seriously. Get the Angles. Pose. Find the light. And Smile! Make today a Happy Selfie Day!