Behind The Scenes

Everything happens for a reason. After one month of moving out sales and finally leaving CityLink Mall, we actually felt a great sense of relief and release, to move on and create new designs for Butterflies & Marigolds.

The ideas have actually been brewing for a while, but somehow, we never found the time to think through and implement them into the business. For those of you that are new to B&M (as we affectionately like to call ourselves), B&M is the original company we started in 2005, while “Veil” is our first clothing label and we are incredibly grateful for the success we’ve had to date.

However, one of the pillars of our B&M business was to keep on pushing the boundaries, to source and develop fashion that continues to be relevant for our customers’ lifestyle. We never wanted our merchandise – whether its clothes, accessories or lifestyle items, to be common or ordinary. That’s just not our style ;). On the other hand, we are also not about “Many Aspire, Few Attain”.

We love effortlessly  stylish clothes with remarkable details that put a smile on your face, a confidence in your walk, every time you wear them – without breaking your bank! With that in mind, we’ve created 2 brand new labels:

B&M showcases modern styles for the contemporary working woman, while B&M Korean, features fashionable pieces from our collaboration with a team of young Korean Designers. The thing about attempting new ideas with an ongoing business is that we were juggling so many things simultaneously: editing and approving samples, sourcing fabrics and accessories, while maintaining the regular business. Let’s just say at some point, we had so many balls in the air we thought we lost the plot!

This week, the new FW2015 collection for B&M finally arrived and we released a huge sigh of satisfaction and contentment. The styles turned out gorgeous, making all our temporary insanity worthwhile and now we can’t wait to share them with you.

Check them out at the shops or online and let us know what you think!


B&M Team

PS: We’re work-in-progress and we’re are still tweaking our styles and sizing, so if you have feedback or special requests, give us your views in the comments below or email us at We’d love to hear from you.