Our Favourite Trends for Fall 2015

Its that time of the year when seasons change. Out goes Spring & Summer fashion staples like skimpy shorts, see-through chiffon blouses and sexy spaghetti tops and in comes Fall & Winter styles like ponchos, flannel shirts and slouchy sweaters. Out goes the espadrilles and in comes the boots! Even the colour palette switches from pastels and bright to earthy and dark tones.

Theoretically, it all makes sense, especially for people who live in temperate climates. Seasonal changes dictate that warmer clothes are necessary, and hence the need for change in these wardrobes is real. But what about those of us living in the tropics? Practically speaking, we can wear the same clothes all year round because our weather never changes!

As fashion retailers in sunny Singapore, what do these new fall fashion trends mean to us and how do we translate them for our tropical customers? That is the subject of today’s blog.

Firstly, once we catch a glimpse of the designers’ runway shows in New York, Paris, Milan, London & Tokyo, we’ll begin to read up on the various trend and colour guides that become available and also check out fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, InStyle etc to get a feel of what trends the fashion industry heavyweights favour.

After we’ve done our research, we filter the trends based on what we feel works best for our style savvy and modern customers. For example, one of the biggest trends for Fall 2015 is the fringe. Fringe appeared on Valentino, Ralph Lauren, Balmain, J Crew and Oscar de la Renta runways because the 70’s vibe was a huge inspiration to many designers; however, we don’t feel that fringe fashion is going to go down well with our customers, so we decided not to invest too many B&M styles in this trend.

It goes for the Fall 2015 colour palette.  Colours like mustard and forest green may look great for fairer complexions with pinkish undertones, but the majority of our customers are Asians with darker complexions and yellow (sometimes even sallow!) undertones, so mustard and forest greens are not the best colours for us, therefore these colours will be featured in a much lesser degree in our B&M Fall Collection.

So what were are favourite Fall 2015 picks? We love the cool palette comprising of Biscay Bay (mid-tone aqua), Stormy Weather (greenish grey), Reflecting Pond (cool dark blue) and Dessert Sage (Pale Green). For accents, Masala (brick orange red), Amethyst (Purple), Cadmium Orange and Cashmere Rose will offer a pop of much needed colour.

Since B&M is based in Singapore, we choose to offer our favourite Fall Colours not on heavy fall fabrics like wool and cashmere, but on fabrics that are suitable for our weather, like chiffon, viscose, jersey knits, silk and cotton. This way, our fashion savvy customers can stay on top of their style game, without compromising physical comforts.

Another big feature this Fall 2015, is the 70’s vibes. We’ve already covered the Fringe theme which is not on our hit list, but we do like other 70’s accents like flared jeans and high waisted pants (great for holding in love handles), culottes are here to stay for another season (culottes with tall boots look really cool!), folklore, bohemian and geometric prints and A-line dresses and Victorian lace and ruffles are our top choices too! Other prints that are popular for Fall 2015 include flannel shirts, animal prints, chunky heels, tweed and plaid.

Anyway, these are a few ideas that are work in progress on our buying plans for Fall 2015. Like you, we can’t wait to see to meet the completed samples and subsequent collections too! We’ll be unveiling our Fall 2015 collection in capsules and you’ll see them here first, so watch this space closely!

Meanwhile, have an awesome week and if you have any burning suggestions to add to our Fall 2015 selections, please leave your comments below and we’ll consider your suggestions carefully.

Cheers to all ;)