Behind the Scenes - Christmas Launch

After 3 years in Marina Bay Link Mall, we finally did a Christmas Launch there yesterday and were mighty pleased with the turn out, despite it being a very last minute put-together affair. So in this week’s blog, which is overdue because we were busy planning our launch, I thought I'll write a candid post about what happened behind scenes of our Christmas Launch and my own 2 cents worth of takeaways from this experience.

Calm before the party :) 

Calm before the party :) 

1. Be Adaptable

Firstly, failing to plan is planning to fail. However, even with the best plans, things don’t always happen according to plan. With our Christmas Launch, we had planned to give away our lovely A-Z Post-it as door gifts way back in October. We specially designed and printed them, we thought things through, they were on-point, relevant and apt for the season. But, they were massively delayed because of a quality issue and so we couldn’t confirm our launch date because we didn’t want to risk a situation where we invited all our VIPs and couldn’t give them our Christmas “gift” because it didn’t arrive! Of course we could have compromised and came up with some other gift or simply give a direct purchase discount - but that’s so common these days and we wanted to stay true to our originality so we delayed our Christmas Launch to accommodate our specially designed "gift".

Specially designed Christmas gifts. 

Specially designed Christmas gifts. 

2. Don't Underestimate Good Vibes and Laughter

Come join us for our Christmas Launch - Friday 18th Nov, 6pm at B2-30 Marina Bay Link Mall.

Since we’re a small business, we don’t have deep pockets for A&P. However, everybody’s on the social media bandwagon and so we thought we’ll try our hand at producing our own FB advert to invite our friends and VIPs for our launch. We are all newbies doing video but we had a blast doing the script and our very sporting sales staff, gladly took their turns in front of our iPhone cameras for their very first video recording. I think we had more bloopers and blunders than actual advertisement footage, but we all had so much fun doing the video – we were laughing with each other - the experience of learning something new together and the team bonding is probably worth more than those corporate team-building courses. 

Don’t take our word for it, check out our bloopers photos below ;)


3. It’s all About Teamwork

When it comes to running a business – any business, its all about the team. No matter how able, smart, rich ..... insert your adjectives, no one can do it alone.

File 19-11-16, 17 40 13.jpg

The power of a successful business depends very much on how engaged the team is towards achieving the goals of the business. I guess its in this aspect that B&M really shines and this Christmas Launch was a great reminder for me how much I enjoy doing this business - in part because of the excellent team we have. People say that if you get to do what you love and love what you do, you’re blessed. Well, I get to do what I love and love what I do, AND I get to do it with a team of women who also do what they love and love what they do ..... so as a team we are DOUBLY BLESSED! 

Taking selfie and wefie together :) 

Taking selfie and wefie together :) 

4. Create Any Excuse to Celebrate

Food Glorious Food!!

Food Glorious Food!!

Modern living has us orbiting our own little busy worlds and if we allow ourselves, there’ll always be a reason to put off celebrations. No time, no budget, no manpower etc. Yesterday’s Christmas Launch was a brilliant reminder that we all could do with more celebration in our lives. Time passes however much or little we choose to do with it.

Yesterday, as I watched our VIPs try our merchandise and look good in the clothes we’ve curated specially for the Christmas season, I felt a sense of pride and joy that “Wow! This is my business - I get to do this!” and it’s a feeling I’ve forgotten in recent months, because of the “busy-ness” of running the day-to-day “business”. Celebrations like our Christmas launch, allowed ourselves, our team and our customers some much needed excuse to indulge, pamper and enjoy ourselves a little. That little bit of shared joy and laughter, does wonders for the soul.

5. It Doesn’t Have to be Perfect to be Successful

Customers shopping our exclusive Christmas Collection! 

Customers shopping our exclusive Christmas Collection! 

Oooo ..... I can always count the ways we got it wrong yesterday.

Books late – check.

Notifications to customers late – check.

Didn’t manage to RSVP everybody – check.

Bad timing, it was the last day of the primary school term and most of our VIPS had school going children – check.

Wrong day for launch – Friday is when most people have drinks and dinner plans – check.

But sometimes, if we go with what could go wrong and wait and wait and wait for a better time, the moment is past and the “right” time may never come. Sure, we can do it better next time and yes there are lessons to be learnt – but, all in all, we’re glad we did it, and given the same set of circumstances, I’ll gladly do it again!

So, a very big thank you to all of you who graced our Christmas Launch yesterday. Your presence really meant a lot to us. Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our local business all these years!

Bringing you some early Christmas Cheer!

PS: For those of our VIPs who couldn’t come for our launch yesterday, we completely understand and we’ve kept aside some goodie bags for you when you come shopping with us this week :))