Our Fave Outfits This Christmas

Hurray! Hurray! Hurray!!

December is finally here and Christmas is just round the corner! A couple of weeks ago, we had a blast launching our Christmas Collection at our Marina Bay Link Mall boutique. We had a good time mingling with our VIPs who got to preview our full Christmas Collection amidst some sumptuous cakes and bubbly Prosecco! In case you missed the event, here are some candid photos of our celebrations.

This week, I thought it would be fun to share our team’s personal favourites from our Christmas Collection and offer my (ahem!!) professional stylist insights about their choices. Our lovely ladies gladly obliged with an impromptu photoshoot, and viola! here are their fave picks for the season!

(Important note: In the interest of authenticity, the ladies were given a free hand in their selection. This is not a “guided tour”!)

Selly selected this cute red and white striped knit top that comes with a matching red and black polka dotted necktie (which incidentally can also double up as a hair band or tie). I think this top works great for her bubbly personality, the red horizontal stripes are attractive and adds presence, as Selly is rather petite in person.

Anna selected this colourful hoodie with pouch pockets, vertical stripes and some texture. I think it’s a smart choice because the bold vertical stripes make Anna look taller than she actually is! Also, the cheerful pop of colour on top, attracts people’s attention to her face, where she always has a brilliant smile to welcome everybody into our boutiques.

It was love at first sight for Grace, with this gorgeous tri-coloured scalloped lace dress. Ever the practical gal, she decided that this dress was a good buy because you can wear it for Christmas and for Lunar New Year (because of the higher collar, it somehow does resemble a cheongsam).

Grace also selected this cool grey pinstriped dress (New discovery - I guess our ladies love stripes!! ) and accessorised it with metal jewelry.

Jean selected this drop-waisted printed dress and matched it with a bolero cardigan, because she was conscious of her arms. The straight dress with no defined waist is a wise choice for her as it skims her body and does not bring attention to her tummy, which is a area of concern.

Selly’s next pick was a cute polka-dotted mini dress with swans embroidered on the collar. It’s a whimsical style – very B&M – because we believe life is too short to wear boring clothes, so there’s always something special, something interesting, something different in our designs. Wear this dress if you want to be as graceful as a swan, but cute too! (as she is!)


An interesting point to highlight is that the size of the print in Jean and Selly’s choices is proportional to their individual physiques. Jean being taller looks good in the larger print, while Selly being petite looks fine in her little polka dots. Should they have exchanged their selections, even if they wore the right size clothes, the larger print would have completely overwhelmed Selly’s small frame, and the tiny dots would have made Jean look larger than she actually was. Generally speaking, if you’re going for prints, my tip would be to pick a print no larger than the size of your clenched fist. 

Anna’s next pick was this classic crew neck cardigan, in Café Mocca. These cardigans come in Ruby Red and Midnight Blue too! Since it’s the holiday season, our cardigans come with lurex threads to add some shine to your festive outfit, but they’re understated enough for you to wear them long after the Christmas parties are over. Again, Anna has kept the shiny bits on top and she’s kept the bottom black and minimal, so that attention is kept on her face – where she wants it to be.

For her next outfit, Jean chose this tie-dye cardigan in a combination of leave green shades. Although it was a round-neck cardigan, she unbuttoned the top 2 buttons, creating a V neckline which elongates her neck and slims her face. The stripped piping detail of the placket also helps to direct the eyes vertically, which helps to create the illusion of a slimmer figure too.

Finally, Grace picked this delicate lace dress with scalloped hem. It’s a very feminine piece (I think its great for meeting the parents, or a cocktail event!), but this one is hand-washable and the lace is super comfortable – not the kind that scratches and itches at all!

So, what do you think of our picks for the season? Which one was your favourite look? Write and let me know in the comments below. I’ll love to hear from you. Also, if you have a styling question, or would like to do a personal styling session with me, click here to email us. 

That’s it for this week my friends.

Have a fabulous December!

Cheers, Elsie