Deck the Halls!

Every year as December comes along, those of us living in the tropics will dream of holidaying somewhere where we can experience a white Christmas complete with powdered snow on alpine slopes and fire places in wooden cabins, while our temperate climate friends think where’s the shovel, more work to do!

But regardless of where we are in the world, we unanimously agree that Christmas is only the season where everybody goes all out with the decorations. From shopping malls, to exercise gyms, restaurants to hotels, every urban city and theme park has a Christmas theme and special Christmas events and parties, making Christmas the most internationally decorated and celebrated holiday of all!

As a child growing up, my mother refused to allow us to put up Christmas decorations in the home (not even a Christmas tree) – her practical logic being that what goes up, must get taken down and packed (till next year) and we didn’t have much storage space. Anyway, perhaps because of that, I’m really enthusiastic and hands on when it comes to our Christmas décor in our boutiques

Over the years, I’ve used reindeers, snowman, Christmas trees, angels, hollies, fresh poinsettia, fake snow and of course lots and lots of Christmas baubles to decorate our boutiques and home. Every year, I promise to discard some of the older pieces, but I always end up buying more replacements … my elderly mum gives me the eye when I pack these ornaments into the storeroom after Christmas but these days I’ve learnt to suffer the silent “I told you so” treatment gladly.

Here’s a candid video of our staff changing out the boutiques with our Christmas collection. I know things will get messy come Christmas morning with torn gift wrappers and half eaten candy attracting ants. There’ll be leftovers to clear in the fridge, hungover friends and family crashing at our place, but its’ evidence that we’re surrounded by loved ones and that we’re secure enough in each other’s presence to let it all hang out on Boxing Day!

Our countdown for Christmas has begun. Are you ready for your Christmas holidays? If it’s a special outfit that your looking for, why not drop at our boutiques and let us dress you in your best for the most wonderful season of all?

Tick tock tick tock ;)

Happy Holidays ;)