Half Year Gratitude Checklist (Part 2)

The truth is, I never dreamt of being an author. Sure, I listed reading as one of my hobbies since my primary school days, and I was the geeky bookworm type, but that was because reading was my way of escaping the mundane into adventure and fantasy fairy tale endings that seem so far and few in real life.

Although I deeply admire and respect the profession (some would even venture as far as to call it a vocation), writing was not something I had ever seen myself doing. First of all, I never thought I could sit still for long enough to hammer out a half decent outline for a book, secondly surely everything that I wanted to write about has been written about by some other more amazing and qualified person (than me) already!

So the magic about “The A-Z Wardrobe” book is that I didn’t start out wanting to write a book. My original intention was to come up with a practical list from A-Z of the essential pieces that every woman should have in her wardrobe for effortless style. Just do a list, and post it on the blog as a quick guide tool for our readers. But after I listed the items, I thought perhaps our readers will benefit more if I gave tips on what to look out for when shopping for these pieces and so I added those on, and of course now it’s too long to be a blog post, so I thought it'll be a blog series. Then I thought, a picture tells a thousand words, and so images were added to each of the alphabets, then quotes to add our B&M flavour and the next thing I knew, it had become more than a hundred pages long and honestly thick enough to be a book! That’s how “The A-Z Wardrobe” book came about.

I won’t sugar coat the writing process because that’s not how it happened. After the writing, and the illustrations, we decided to self-publish our book on Kindle (or Amazon). To our horror, we then discovered that ALL of Singapore does not have Kindle (you need to go to the National Library to borrow their Kindle so that you can read Kindle books in Singapore!) and so, how will any of our VIPs be able to read my book? In the end, we had to re-format our book to a PDF version so that customers without Kindle can still read the PDF version. It was a harrowing process, but I must say that through it all, we’ve grown and learned so much from this experience. The bonus is that both the Kindle and PDF ebook sells (sold almost 200 books to date). We’re enjoying the first spoils of passive income and it feels great! I’ve not done any publicity, save for some Facebook and Instagram posts - we are so grateful.


I guess my biggest lesson in writing this book, is not the style advice I’ve had the privilege of accumulating through the decades in the fashion business, it’s that little steps matter. Take the first step to meet a need, to learn, to explore, to try, to solve, to empower and see what happens. Then take the next step, and the next step and soon a pathway is forged where there was none before. Sometimes, we don’t have to know the end before we start. We just have to take that first step and well, start.

It’s never too late for new beginnings, I’m sure glad we took that first step. You will be too!

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