Why I Love Cardigans

The modern day cardigan had its exciting origins as a knitted waistcoat, meant to keep the UK military soldiers serving in the Crimean campaign warm, while they battle Russia in 1854, under the leadership of the 7th Earl of Cardigan, Major General James Thomas Brudenell. To this day, the word cardigan still embodies cosiness and warmth, although it has definitely shaken off any prior association with middle age, dowdy or dull.

In fact these days, cardigans are lauded as that one piece of clothing that never goes out of style. They are perfect for all seasons and there’s one for every body type. Cardigans are such versatile, easy-to-wear and ultra functional items, and I think that every woman should have at least one cardigan in her wardrobe.

When I wrote the book “The A-Z Wardrobe”, I’ve included cardigans as one of the key pieces every woman should own for effortless style. However, on hindsight, I realized that I wrote more about the history of the cardigan and then ideas on how to style them. So in today’s blog, I’ve included other reasons why I love cardigans and also a short Youtube video with 10 novel ways to wear cardigans. Have a read, a look and listen - I’ll love to read your comments and feedback.

Why I love cardigans:

1. They Add Color and Interest to Any Outfit

Get a cardigan in your favorite bright color to dress up a neutral outfit. Wear them over your tee-shirt and jeans combo, to bring a pop of accent color into your casual equation.           

2. You Can Dress Them Up or Down

Cardigans are great as a travel companion, allowing you to stay warm and look chic and cosy in planes and airport lounges but they are equally awesome to wear at work, to internships, dinner with your boyfriend's conservative parents etc.           

3. You'll Be Prepared for Any Weather

Throw a cardigan in your tote bag to protect from unexpected cold outside or even air conditioning. You'll look cute and be comfortable no matter what! 

4. You’ll Be Stretching Your Summer Wardrobe into Fall

If you live in temperate climates, layering a cardigan over your tank tops and sundresses allows you to stretch the wearability of your summer wardrobe well into fall! How’s that for wardrobe versatility and optimization!

5. They Are Low Maintenance and Easy to Bring Around

Unlike jackets that usually need to be dry-cleaned, shirts that need to be ironed, cardigans are knitwear items that can be folded and kept in drawers, stuffed into tote bags, tied around the waist, thrown over the shoulders and subsequently put on, without looking crinkled or crumpled.  

Cardigans are practical and versatile pieces that answers to both form and function, in short, my kind of beautiful, so if you haven’t already, you’ll want to stock up 1 or 2 pieces to add some oomph to your wardrobe staples. 

Cheers to a stylish and cosy week!