Color Me Beautiful!

Did you know that there are some colors that naturally make your face look radiant and your eyes sparkle? And there are some colors that help you justify your need for that MC (medical certificate)? Colors that make you smile, colors that calm you down, colors that make you look up and be more alert (like the four letter word S A L E in fire engine red –wink- ).

In fact, there are many “experts” handing out color advice - how color affects your aura and your fengshui, and how to find your "best" colors (commonly known as Personal Color Analysis). When it comes to fashion, every season, the experts at Pantone will give their color trends forecast based on what the designers have shown on the runway. I recently did a double Fall Fashion 2016 post, so you may want to check those out HERE.

However, I do suspect that for the most of us, there is a wide gulf between head knowledge and practical living. When I was younger (read more naïve) and living in the UK, I trained as a Color and Image Consultant, under the Color Me Beautiful Franchise and I felt completely empowered to learn my “true colors” and help my clients discover theirs. If you have not heard of Color Analysis, basically, the process goes something like this:

Under good natural lighting, the client removes all her makeup so that I can accurately assess her hair, eye and skintone. Then she wears a white cape that covers her from her neck down so that there is no distracting colors other than her natural coloring. After this prep stage, we start with color draping (my favourite part of the action), that is, I lay my color swatches (precious tools of the trade – I still have my full set! near her face by color family groups and ascertain the “best” colors for my client. 

I loved the process of color draping, because I get to witness - close up – that first 'aha' moments of joy and understanding when the client sees how her skin glows and her eyes sparkle when she’s got that “right” color draped on her, and that feeling is priceless. In fact, now as I’m writing this blog, I can still “feel” my customers’ happiness, and yes, I’m smiling as I’m writing this.

Fun as it was, one of the main reasons why I didn’t stay as a color consultant was because I felt that understanding color theory, knowing the best colors for my clients was not the full equation to cultivate authentic personal style. Color is important – yes, but it’s not all. Knowing our best colors are great, but there are very practical limitations when it comes to shopping our right colors, even for a professional shopper like me! 

When we’re out shopping, the styles we like usually come in a range of a few different colors eg: red, blue, black or white. There is no “fire engine red” or “wine red” to choose between. There is no “periwinkle blue” or “sky blue” choices. The colors are usually in totally different color families – so that retailers maximise their color spectrum to cater to as wide an audience as possible. Hence the super accurate and narrow niche of“your true colors” complete with your personalised color swatch wallet, may not be very useful in real life. (Oops! Spoiler Alert!!)

If you are interested to know more about color analysis, learn more about warm and cool tones, how to use color to fine tune your personal style, drop me a feedback below and maybe I’ll do another color post later on. 

Meanwhile, here’s my favourite color tip of all times. If you want to experiment with colors but don’t know where to start, WEAR JEWEL TONE COLORS. They are the most universally flattering color family – bar none – and you don’t need to employ a color consultant to show you that! Jewel tone colors work for ALL hair color and skintones, so simply seek out the colors that you like and add some vibrant color drama into your wardrobe.

And to tell you more about jewel tones, here’s me (messy hair and all) in a short video taken at our MB boutique about jewel tone colors and some practical ways how you can incorporate them into your wardrobe. 

Give it a try! Sparkle and have fun!

Cheers to a lovely week!