Accessory Trends for Fall 2016

While researching the most wearable trends for Fall 2016, I decided that we’ll do a separate blog about accessories as there were simply too many ideas to cover even briefly in one post. So this week, its all about the latest accessory trends for Fall. So pick and choose your personal favourites and adopt them into your wardrobes. In the interest of order, lets do things from top to toe ;)

1. Hair Accessories

From Tiaras to bejewelled hair bands, head scarves and bobby pins, there is a hair accessory trend that will help you dress up your tresses. I guess the most wearable trend would be Max Mara’s minimalistic take on bobby pins. You can add some dazzle or some colour blocking detail into your hair using these simple accessories as accent colours to match your outfit plus they do serve a practical purpose of keeping hair off your face. Maybe it’s just me, but I prefer accessories to serve form and function, instead of being purely ornamental pieces.

2. Chokers

Chokers are back in a big way in 2 very different forms. Very big and very bold or very delicate and very sweet. Both are equally on trend - I guess which to choose really depends on the rest of your outfit or the overall look you are going for. My caution for wearing chokers is that those of us who are ahem…. 35 years or older… we want to make sure that our necks are up for the scrutiny. If you are very self-conscious about the lines, wrinkles or thickness of your neck, then either try a “looser” choker that sits on the collar bone else, skip this trend altogether and try the next one instead.

3. XL, Raw Stones and Multi-Layering Chain Necklaces

Fall 2016 had lots of inspiration from nature and metal. The necklaces either display a raw edge (using interesting “cuts” of semi-precious stones paired with metallic chains) or simply multiple linked chain designs. As with chokers, both the very bold and the very delicate are on trend.

XL necklaces refer to EXTRA LARGE necklaces. The explanation is that these necklaces are even larger than the “usual” statement necklaces, so it’s a literal trend. I think that it really depends on your personal style and your outfit choices. If you generally wear clean simple styles, then perhaps the XL necklace or raw stones necklace will add a pop of interest to your wardrobe. However, if your clothes have more details, prints etc then perhaps the more delicate multi layering necklaces would be more suitable as your accessory update for the season.

4. Cross-Body/ Furry/Heirloom & Vintage Bags

These are my top 3 picks if you’re in the market for a new arm candy this Fall.

Cross-body bags have been on trend for a while now, except that this season the straps are wider (almost like guitar straps) and shorter, hence they are more comfortable to sling across the shoulders. They also have more detailing, in the form of metal hardware ie. buckles, partial chain straps. I love cross bodies because I can go hands-free, but do get one in a sensible size for your needs.

The other bag trend that designers have shown on the runway is the furry bag. In last week’s blog, I mentioned that statement fur jackets were on trend in passing, but since we live here in sunny Singapore, that is not a trend we can emulate. So here’s the consolation prize – you can get a furry bag instead!

Another bag trend is the handheld heirloom bag style. I call it your grandmother’s bag because they look like they belong to a bygone era, complete with embroidery and intricate details including beadwork. I think these would serve as a quirky alternative to an evening clutch, but again, I wonder about the practicalities of carrying this during the day.

5. Skinny/Neck-Tie Scarves

This for me is a fun trend to try. Scarves are back on trend and in particular, skinny scarves. I guess you can use these in place of the chokers, you can use them as headbands and you can also use them to accent the chain links of your cross-body bag. If your wardrobe is fairly minimal with solid colours, then a cheerful printed scarf is a great way to bring some freshness into your wardrobe.

6. Velvet Shoes

Velvet is THE fabric of choice this Fall and so of course, velvet shoes are on trend – everything from ballet flats, to pumps and even ankle booties. The good part about velvet shoes is that they are fabric and therefore they are more comfortable than their leather counterparts. However, they are also less hardy or durable. If you want to get a pair of velvet shoes, I recommend that you apply a few coats of shoe/fabric protector onto your velvet shoes before you wear them. This will help to protect your velvet shoes from the elements rain, dirt, soil etc and extend the life of your shoes.

7. Pearls

I left these as a category on their own because honestly pearls are in everything this season - in hair accessories, chokers, necklaces, on shoes, bags etc. I think pearls are the one accessory we can’t escape from this Fall, its just a matter of where and how you want to wear them.

So this sums up my selection for the most wearable accessory trends for Fall 2016. Now it’s over to you. Which of these 7 trends did you like best? Which ones are you most likely to try? I’d love to hear from you, post your comments below.

Better still I’d love to see your selfies on Instagram - so try a trend, take a selfie and tag us @butterfliesandmarigolds or use the hashtag #theazwardrobe to share with us your trend favourites.

Till next time, have a fabulous fashionable week my friends.

Cheers XXX