Chinese New Year Greetings

Chinese New Year is a time for family reunions, visitations, feasting and celebrations. In last week’s blog I wrote about my struggle to walk the line between standards and sustainability, between perfection and progress

Lunar New Year seems to be the festive period for reporting. Well meaning relatives ask the usual: “Graduate from University already?”, “Go National Service already?”, “Got boyfriend already?”, “Getting married already?”, “Got baby already?”… the list is endless, and even if you’ve answered “YES” to every one of these questions, more will be added UNTIL you give a negative reply. Then they cluck their commiserations accordingly, encourage you to try harder in your “area of lack” – regardless of your reasons, and next year when Chinese New Year comes around, they probably won’t remember the conversation and redo the same drill all over again!

Whether it’s a case of poor social skills, bad communication or honest to goodness - curiosity, this repeated line of questioning used to get on my nerves and put my defences on high alert. Perhaps it’s an age thing, but recently, I caught myself verbalising similar “busybody auntie” questions when my son’s friends recently came to hang out and I was shocked! When did this happen? I could see the kids doing their best to accommodate my queries as politely as they could, (squirming while they were at it), and I thought to myself in equal parts of horror: “Why am I doing this?” and warped vindication “Now, do you know how I felt back then?”

Please write and tell me in the comments below that I’m not alone with the weird family interrogation routines over Chinese New Year ;) Whatever your relatives are like, this Chinese New Year, let’s decide from DAY 1 to celebrate FAMILY and enjoy each other’s company – similarities, differences, weird bits and all!

Here at B&M, we’ve put together a short CNY video, complete with auspicious Chinese New Year greetings to wish everybody an amazing grand entrance into the year of the rooster! May you enjoy prosperity in every way – body, mind, soul and spirit, and everyday of this Chinese New Year!

Gong Xi Fa Cai, everybody!!