We’re OPEN. Finally.

Hello December, and hello to our online friends. Apologies for neglecting our website recently – it’s been eons since we posted anything substantial on our blog, but if you’ve been following our daily updates on Instagram and Facebook, you’ll know that we’ve been incredibly busy closing and opening shops this last few months. In fact, at some point this year, we were so overwhelmed by the challenges of the business, we seriously contemplated calling it a day and sailing off into the sunset for an extended siesta and some fancy margaritas.

Instead, after much soul searching, discussions with our team, friends and families, we decided to forge ahead and use the opportunity to re-look at our business, everything from the inside out. Questions like “Why do we run our business this way?”, “Why did we buy this?”, “Why didn’t we buy that?”, “Why pick the more expensive options?”, “Why not just sell online?” (that will cut overheads substantially!) Well, before we could forge forward with determination and gusto and motivate our team, we needed to convince ourselves that this is really what we wanted to do. That the dream is as real as the people going for it.

Back-to-back renovating and opening 2 shops :)

Back-to-back renovating and opening 2 shops :)

Once our hearts were settled and united, it was all hands-on deck, full steam ahead! We had no Plan B. It was all or nothing at all for us. I mean, life is short, why bother to do things in half measures? Anyways, energy is contagious. As we handed over our keys for our Income at Raffles shop, I was holding back tears and the landlord(!?) consoled me, saying this is not the end. Thank you! We went through an insane season of renovations and if we had a lesser team, we would have fallen flat on our faces – probably more than once or twice! Even our suppliers thought we were crazy to push through new production at such volume and speed and so close to year end!

B&M @ #04-18 One Raffles Place

B&M @ B1-23 Tanjong Pagar Centre

B&M @ B1-23 Tanjong Pagar Centre

As we opened One Raffles Place and Tanjong Pagar Centre, we feel a new buzz - the dawn of a new beginning is here for Butterflies & Marigolds, and we are immensely grateful we got here. Clique as it may be, we have to say that we wouldn’t have made it without you. Thank you for sharing our fashion journey with us. We are Butterflies & Marigolds, we will bloom where we’re planted and fly with brave wings.

Blessed Christmas to all! 


Sneak Preview of our New Collection: 

File 5-12-17, 14 42 10.jpeg
File 5-12-17, 14 42 22.jpeg
File 5-12-17, 14 42 33.jpeg

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