The Dilemma of Embellishments – how much is too much?

Let's start by defining what qualifies as an embellishment. An embellishment is a decorative detail or feature added to something to make it more attractive. When it pertains to fashion, examples of embellishments include: embroideries, sequins, rhinestones, buttons, zippers, studs, ribbons, ruffles, and any other decorative details that are added to make our outfits more attractive.

Embellishments are a big trend for Spring 2017, however, while we are inclined to give embellishments a try when dressing up for an evening outing, most of us are cautious about wearing this trend to the office because we don’t want to “over-embellish” ourselves and end up looking like an out-of-season Christmas tree. Hence, I thought I’ll share a few ideas how to wear embellishments to work confidently without crossing the OTT line.

When in Doubt, Start with Accessories

If you’re just dipping your toes into the embellishment trend, don’t feel pressured to go “ALL OUT”. Try adding a fun scarf as a collar, an interesting brooch on your trusted black jacket, a cute bag with embellishment details eg: embroidery or sequins to your go-to-work outfit. Embellishments do not have to be dramatic for them to be impactful, but they can go a long way to help personalize your style.

Use a Dark Base

If like me, you value timeless style over seasonal fads and you intend to keep your embellished pieces for more than one season, I suggest that you invest in embellished pieces in darker base colours eg: black, grey and navy. These are much easier to mix and match with wardrobe staples, eg: an embellished blouse or top when paired with a sleek jacket, slim trousers and heels, will instantly be office-friendly. Or pair an embellished cardigan with a neutral camisole and a pencil skirt to shine confidently at work.

Don’t Do the Matchy Matchy          

When it comes to embellishments, do not wear matching sets together. In fact, I’d rather you not buy the set. So if you like the jacket with the embroidery and stitching detail, get that, but you don’t have to get the matching trousers and skirt as well.

Or if you like the statement necklace don’t invest in the matching earrings and cocktail ring too. It's far better to wear that one special embellished item and keep the rest of the outfit clean and simple, so that the ONE embellishment has lots of room to shine rather than to overcrowd your outfit with variations of the same theme. Less is more, period.

Casual Fridays Don’t have to be Boring

In creative office environments, denim is the norm. Even if yours is not a creative office space, most workplaces these days allow for casual Fridays. Don’t make it an excuse to allow your style to slip a few notches, why not up the ante with a denim jacket with personalised playful pins, sequins or embroideries? Just skip other jewelry so you're not attracting too much attention.

Ground Embellishment with Casual Pairings

Neutralize a too-fancy top, with classic black trousers and ballet flats. Throw on a blazer during the day to keep it semi-covered and slip it off, and put on a sexy pair of heels once happy hour starts.

Here's a video I did about embellishments. Watch it for more practical ideas and tips to wear the embellishment trend for Spring 2017 with confidence and style!

Write and let me know in the comments below which tips you tried or better yet, send us photos of your embellished outfits!

Go forth and shine!