A Tribute to all Mums Around the World

imageMother’s Day is a special day set aside to celebrate and honor our mothers, the wonders of motherhood and maternal bonds. We want to acknowledge the positive influences and unseen contributions of all mothers. In the United States, Mother’s Day is an annual holiday celebrated on the second Sunday in May.


Here in Singapore, being the food-loving nation that we are, there are always lots of family dinners; with children treating their mums (and themselves) to a good meal (probably eating out at a restaurant so that mums get a day-off from cooking). Flowers, particularly carnations, are also a popular gift for mums. One might argue that this “holiday” has been heavily commercialized by advertisers and retailers, but none the less, it’s the thought that counts.


In the midst of our planning for this year’s Mothers’ Day promotion, we were introduced to some lovely volunteers from the Singapore UN Women Committee. It is a non-profit organization that works towards women’s empowerment and gender equality in Singapore. One of the key focus of this committee particularly resonates with VEIL is “Ending Violence Against Women”.

Violence against women stems from a complex combination of socio-political factors, and is generally rooted in inequality and discrimination based on deeply entrenched attitudes about gender roles. It is also compounded by factors such as race, class and age.

Victims of this crime, feel disempowered and helpless in their situations as there very few available help agencies (state or otherwise), and most are inadequate in offering them recourse. Furthermore, apart from the immediate physical trauma, the most damaging aspect of violence is the emotional trauma that may even lead to varying degrees of mental illness.


The Singapore UN Women Committee hopes to eliminate violence against women through 3 main avenues: raising awareness, raising funds and education. Their current projects are in the areas of: HIV/AIDS, female infanticide, trafficking, forced prostitution, domestic violence, sexual abuse, rape and other various forms of abuse.

They support programs that provide women and girls with access to education, healthcare, economic independence and a life free of violence and abuse. In order to achieve this, they undertake a wide range of fundraising activities, membership drives and public education programs and events.

Even here in sunny Singapore, low crime doesn’t mean no crime. Behind closed doors, family violence, abuse and neglect are happening in our own backyards and real issues are covered up because we are primarily an Asian culture and “face” (reputation) is very important to us.


In support of these causes, VEIL is contributing 20% of net sales at all our boutiques to the Singapore UN Women Committee over the Mothers’ Day weekend, from 9th – 11th May, 2014.


Come shop for a lovely present for mum at VEIL and lend your invaluable support to the Singapore UN Women Committee for them to continue to extend their helping hands to these unseen women whose voices will remain unheard otherwise.

Certainly, mum will approve.

Happy Mother’s day, to one and all.