The 5 Necklaces Every Smart Woman Should Have In Her Wardrobe

Necklaces are a quick and easy way to pull outfits together and over the years, I seem to have accumulated quite a collection. Somehow the OCD organizer in me, had to categorize (and rationalize away the need to have so many!) these necklaces, so while I’m at it, I thought I’ll post my 5 favourite necklace categories and see if it works for you too ;)

1.     The TALK TO ME Necklace

These are necklaces are conversationally starters, they are your statement pieces. There are usually bold, unique with eye-catching details.  It could be the colours, the shapes, the materials used etc and whenever I wear them, somebody will pass a remark (usually a compliment), about the necklace. Its not a budget thing, it’s a you-got-to-like-it-thing ;)

2.     The SHINE ON ME Necklace

I have these in gold, silver sometimes both and the idea behind these necklaces is that they reflect light back onto my face, kind of like in the same way those huge light reflectors do, if you’ve ever watched a professional photoshoot take place.  Since I am an incredibly lazy woman, who usually stays up too late watching Korean drama and gobbles up her lipstick by lunch, these light reflector necklaces are great for illuminating my face, giving me that extra glow and shine that I need, to hide the eyebags! Basically, anything in sparkly metals, crystals, shiny bits will do the job.

3.     The TRAVEL WITH ME Necklace

On my travel days, my go-to outfit is usually a tee-shirt, jeans and a trusted cardi, or wrap, or a slouchy sweater. If I feel that the ensemble is a little too casual, I’ll put on one of my travelling necklaces. For me, these usually have a more casual vibe, like long strands of colourful beads, or a pendant style. Depending on your mode of travel, you may want to pick more durable and sturdier styles, versus fragile and delicate chains.

4.     The COLOUR ME BEAUTIFUL Necklace

This is my best colours necklace. I have dark brown eyes, dark hair and medium tone skin and I adore nude lips, so wearing a necklace with gold, brown and white simply accentuates my features and makes my eyes and skin look like its glowing. For you it could be a blue necklace, that highlights the colour of your blue eyes, or a pink and silver necklace that is perfect for your rosy complexion. Or you can go for a contrast colour, that will give you a more dramatic look.

5.     The EVER-READY EVERYDAY Necklace

All of us has at least one of these. They are our favourites, our heroes, our when-in-doubt-put-this-on necklace! For some of us it could be a sentimental piece, like a dainty chain with pendant on it, or a strand of pearls that will go with everything you have and elevate your style instantly, a multicolour long strand of coloured stones that brightens up any outfit, a vintage piece that you got at a flea market etc. Whatever it is, this necklace speaks your style language and makes you feel more confident about your day.

So these are my top 5 necklace categories, now over to you. Do you have necklaces in all of these pigeon holes? Which of these categories are your personal favourites? Where are your gaps? Wherever your gaps are, I’ve just given you a few excellent reasons for retail therapy ;)